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The first glass to completely separate a shot and chaser with a twist-to-open filtering mechanism. With the Snapshotr, anybody can become a professional mixologist and create traditional or new shot combinations and bomb shots. Hot can be separated from cold, sweet from sour, bubbly from flat. The possibilities are endless.


All of your favorite shot recipes!

Mix your favorite shots with shots or mix your favorite shots with chasers. Whether it is vodka-cranberry or double tequila sunshines, the Snapshotr lets you create unique recipes. 


Veggie Shots!

We've received quite a few requests for a juicing recipe. Top shot: wheat grass and kale. Bottom shot: Carrot Juice. Send us your recipes!

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Internationally Praised

This insane shot glass will change how you take shots.


This is a game changer.

The Huffington Post

The glass is appropriately named the Snapshotr and there's a big chance it's better than any shot glass you've collected so far.

Elite Daily

Just when you thought drinking shots couldn't be revolutionized any further.


Some genius has just created the Snapshotr.


Could this possibly be the invention of the year?

Wild 94.9

The greatest invention in American History has come to fruition. 

College Candy

Snapshotr allows for quicker, smoother shots. 


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